1 verb (not usually in progressive)
1 DESIRE (T) to have a desire for something: I want a drink. | What do you want for your birthday? | want to do sth: Do you want to go to Kay's party? | want sb to do sth: I don't want Linda to hear about this. | want sth of sb formal (=want someone to do something): I wish I knew what he wanted of me.
2 NEED (T) to need something: Do you still want these magazines, or can I throw them out? | want to do sth: You only want to use a little glue. | want sth done: I want that letter typed today. | what sb wants with sth (=what someone needs something for): What do you want with a tool kit? | want doing especially BrE informal (=need to be done): The carpet really wants cleaning.
3 ASK FOR SB (T) to ask for someone to come and talk to you, or to come to a particular place: You're wanted on the phone.
4 SHOULD (T) spoken especially BrE ought or should: want to do sth: You want to see a doctor about that cough.
5 LACK (I, T) formal to suffer because you do not have something: In many poorer countries, people still want basic food and shelter.
6 want in/out informal
a) especially AmE to want to go in to or out of a place: The cat wants out.
b) to want to take part in a plan or stop being involved: If you want out, say so now.
—see also: wanted, wanting, waste not, want not waste 2 (7)
7 I want/I don't want: I want a new coat. | I don't want to go out tonight.
8 what do you want? used to ask, often in a slightly rude way, what someone wants you to give them, do for them etc: What do you want now? I'm busy. | What do you want - chocolate or vanilla?
9 do you want...? used when offering something to someone: Do you want a drink? | Do you want me to come with you?
10 who wants...?
a) used to say that you do not like something, do not think that it is worth doing etc: Who wants to go to a noisy disco anyway?
b) used when offering something to a group of people: Who wants a cup of coffee?
11 if you want used when someone suggests doing something, to say that you will do it, although you do not especially want to: “Hey, shall we go to the beach?” “If you want.”
12 I want you to do something used to tell someone to do something: I want you to go and get me a newspaper.
13 want...? used when offering something to someone: Want a game of chess?
14 what I want used to explain or say exactly what it is that you want: What I want is a car that's cheap and reliable.
15 all I want used to say that you only want something simple or small, and you think it is fair to ask for it: Look, all I want is a decent job. It's not much to ask for, is it?
16 you don't want used to advise someone not to do something: You don't want to go there, it's much too crowded.
17 I just wanted to say/know etc used to politely say something, ask about something etc: I just wanted to check that the meeting is still on next week.
18 it's/that's just what I (always) wanted used to say that you like a present you have just been given very much
want for sth phrasal verb (T) to not have something that you need: Say what you like, my kids never wanted for anything. 2 noun
1 LACK (C, U) formal something that you need but do not have: for want of sth (=because of a lack of something): People often take casual jobs in catering for want of any alternative. | satisfy a want (=give someone what they need)
2 SITUATION WITHOUT FOOD/MONEY (U) a situation in which you do not have enough food, money, clothes etc: They had lived all their lives in want
3 for want of a better word/term/phrase used to say that there is no exact word to describe what you are talking about: a feeling that, for want of a better word, we call love
4 for want of anything better (to do) if you do something for want of anything better, you do it only because there is nothing else you want to do
5 not for want of trying/asking etc used to say that you should have got what you wanted because you tried very hard or asked for it many times: Well, if he doesn't get the job it won't be for want of trying!
6 be in want of sth formal to need something: a creaking house, in want of repair

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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